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About Us


“Stimulate Inclusive Education and provide Rehabilitation to Persons with Disabilities” 


“Recognition of Persons with Disabilities in our Society and mitigate the concept Disability is a difference” 


Marghzar Welfare Society was established in 1995 with a mission to stimulate inclusive education for special children.
"Why special children", is a riddle for many people. Special Children are neglected part of our society. Often, people see such children/persons with hatred and make fun of them because of their being different. The words such people utter or the action they make may sound them good and funny, but such act thrashes these children in their heart. They think of themselves that they are nothing more than a clown.
In order to change the view of society, Marghzar Welfare Society has taken a bold step. Inclusive program indulges special children and normal children under one roof. They study at same place, play at same place, enjoy the same facilities and think the same way. This boosts their morale and help them to fight with the challenges in their life. A time will come when society will esteem such children, see them and make them realize that they are one of us. They may be called special but they are special for all of us.
For this cause "Lala Rukh School for Special Children" a project of Marghzar Welfare Society was established in 2004 at Mughalpura, Railway Colony, Canal Road Lahore. The Second milestone aimed by Marghzar was a second branch at PCSIR Phase III, Bagrian Lahore. 



Mughalpura Campus

Established in 2005 and Located at Mughalpura Canal Road is the first campus of Marghzar , where following services are provided to special and normal needy students

  • Free Education
  • Free Book
  • Free Transpor
  • Free Uniform
  • Hearing Aids



PCSIR Campus

Established in 2011 and Located at PCSIR Phase III is the second campus of Marghzar , where the following services are provided to special and normal needy students

  • Free Education
  • Free Books
  • Free Transport
  • Free Uniform
  • Free Meal one time a day
  • Hearing Aids 


Future Projects

Vocational Center for Rehabilitation of Persons with disabilities: Vocational center will be providing skills to special children in order to make them independent in their life. The world we live in is full of challenges and hardship, they can only be tackled by the skill set which we can provide to them. These skillsets will comprise of

  • Sewing and knitting
  • Embroidery Work
  • Art Work and Calligraphy
  • Cooking
  • Repairing electrical equipment’s
  • Computer Knowledge


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