Need and importance of Inclusive Education

The concept of Inclusive education is a modern method of teaching the children irrespective to the differences pointed out by the society and people around.  People are often born with some similarities and some differences. We join hands with the one having similarities and very often separate the disparate one. Disparate on what differences and why? Now on this point the introduction to Inclusive education can be an answer to this riddle but all needs is a mind to accept it as a solution.

If observed the differences that lead to separation of persons with disabilities, the sole reason that up fronts in them is their disability in physical and sensing abilities. Where they lack some of the ability, on the other end the one with all the abilities make them suffer. They are scolded, made fun of and are considered jokers. Is that the way to treat? Is it that our society teaches us? This is where the real need and importance of inclusive education will be required.


Marghzar Welfare Society Making a Difference

Separating person with disabilities from the society and making fun makes them think they are not capable of doing anything, demotivates them and make them feel they cannot go along with anyone in this cruel world. While some may be cruel, others always grab the hand to support them in difficulties.

Marghzar Welfare Society is working on this to show benefits of inclusive education for society. The following example is a perfect situation to understand.

In the picture below at the left, a disabled boy Saleem who is suffering from multiple disabilities (mental retardation along with speech and language disorder) is helpiChange through Inclusive Educationng another disable girl Fatima Abdul suffering from same multiple disorders as Saleem. Saleem is trying really hard to open the bottle. As it can be seen by the aggression on their faces, they are involved in opening the bottle to just have a sip of cold drink.

Moments later when they both had tried well and were able to open the bottle (image at the right). The reaction of Saleem after opening the bottle was amazing. Whilst irrespective of the fact that Saleem wasn’t interested in having the cold drink, his aim was to help Fatima open the bottle for herself.

Isn’t this moment a fascinating one, when the one with disability helps the other with disability? Does this raise a question in people having all sensing and physical abilities, who can do whatever they want, the way by which they want and by the way they think?

This story on a situation between normal persons can be hard for disabled children but inclusive education provides opportunities to lessen the impact of bullying.


Change that we can make through inclusive education

The aim of Inclusive education is to inculcate the value of others too. What we see from the picture and what we do, contradicts with our personalities. Nature of Inclusive education infiltrates the thought process in our conscious and make us feel what we actually are. Normal and children with disabilities are taught under one roof providing them with the same facilities, environment and attention. Although classes of some of the disabled children are separate, but they all eat together, play together and enjoy altogether.

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The prime focus of promotion of inclusive education is to build up the confidence level of the disabled children. To make them realize, that they have their own part to play in this world. No matter what difference they have, no matter what disability they have, once they are scolded or their fun is made. The confidence level collapses completely. Hurting like this becomes a better pill to swallow for disabled children, as they understand at the moment that people are going to make fun, people will talk about them but the confidence is the only key to succeed in this cruel world.

Inclusive education works as a hope for them to survive in this world. The more they interact with normal children and people who are different from them, the more they feel comfortable in future. Promoting this program can provide a better chance for disabled children and a bright future in this challenging world. We all can help them in one way or the other, we make up this society and only we can change it.