Taking Education to Different Level

Teaching Kids to Code

Poverty is one of the strongest hurdle in progress of any country. The level of education, health and lifestyle are inter linked with this one major factor. It may also result in disability ratio which is due lack of proper nutrition and balanced diet. There are some kids who still don’t settle with what they have, there are some kids who have a hope for their future, who want to succeed with their will power and above all want to make a difference in our society. They are just like us, moving on with determination and organization’s support. Kids are getting into a new dimension of studies because Marghzar Welfare Society launched a program to take education to different level. They are getting the bookish knowledge, they are getting into sports,  they are learning the purpose of inclusive education but above all they are into something that sets them apart; they are into designing, scratch programming and python language so basically they are learning to code. At this level, if these kids understand their interest if it is in designing, scratch programming or coding. They will be on different level of studies with these skills till they reach graduation level.               



Teaching kids to code: A Marghzar’s Initiative

Currently these kids are focusing on three different segments. These segments include

  1. Scratch Programming

If you’re teaching kids to code then Scratch programming is the beginner level of coding which initiates a process of thinking and learning in children. Scratch is a programming language which lets student start from scratch. They build from a very basic level and as a result of that they start to think in a different perspective, with a different vision enhancing their creativity skills. Scratch programming further enhances the systematic reasoning. When trying to build the blocks, the kids try to search out for the error which results in enhancement of systematic learning in those kids. Scratch programming just a key to a Pandora box of learning and creativity and just a start of computer coding for kids.

  1. Coding

Coding which builds mind is a logical booster for the kid. Scripting the code, seeing the code, running it, tracing errors and then finding solution to those errors; relates too much with the real life of the kid. Children grow up making lots and lots of mistakes, but every mistake comes with a bundle of lessons to spend life. Coding for children starts with creating a situation to analyzing a situation, finding pros and cons in situation, removing the cons and making the situation best suitable. It could help student in finalizing any decision from choosing the field of work in future to the option best suitable for him/her.

  1. Designing

Graphics designing/ sketching or painting is something that nurtures the artist in a kid. Everyone is unique and likes or dislike something but cannot express it in any way. Creativity is a skill that differentiates an artist from a society, the way he/she thinks is entirely different. For example an image of chess belowTaking Education to Different Level

Now if a person sees the image, he/she will see a board with black and white pieces. Or if a person focuses further, he/she might figure out the different color in chess board too. What is vision of making this image? What is the thought behind this image? Now an artist may see this image as a symbol of bravery where one black piece is facing all the others, while on the other side it may resemble a classic symbol of victory. So what image portrays is always not the meaning behind it.

A children with an artistic mind will surely understand what he wants and can express the situation in an entirely different way rather than an ordinary children.


A Hidden Skill

Everyone has some unique skill. One just need to finds it out. As Einstein said

“Everyone is genius, but If you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree. It will spend its whole life believing it is stupid”

In our society it is usually our family that decides the skill for children which may arise problem in many cases. The institution can play a vital role in this case but unfortunately the institutions in Pakistan are not. There is no room for option for the kid himself/herself. These skills will guide the kids to decide what they want and don’t want in their life. They can understand what is good for them and what bad. This will be the true knowledge or education that they get at Marghzar Welfare Society.